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First Time Drive School

My very first project when I arrived in Melbourne. Upon learning that I am doing graphics design, my driving instructor commissioned me to refreshen his logo. His proprietory company,First Time Driving School, had been using the old logo for more than 5 years already and he thought it needed to be revamped.

The aim was to make it simple and clean. Nothing fancy since his target audience are young and first time drivers. The circle was used in the logo to symbolise both the car wheels and the steering wheel whilst the numeric 1 that looks like an arrow represents road directions. It also relates to the car's shifting gear handle. A tagline was further added to achieve the company's goal of assuring prospective clients (inexperienced drivers) that they will get driving license the first time they sit on the actual driving test.

  • Type:Branding | Print | Web
  • Date:03/2010
  • Client:First Time Driving School